The New Reality in Cosmetics Begs for Ingredient Innovation

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Today’s consumer has witnessed Apple reinvent the personal computer, Tesla re-build the car from the ground up, and Netflix disrupt the entertainment industry. In the start-up culture of today, the consumer has high expectations for innovation. Keeping to the status quo is no longer the status quo. Tangential to the start-up culture, consumers are influenced by the clean eating movement, the popular holistic approach to wellness, and the awareness of the new climate reality. All of these factors are catalysts to the movement in cosmetics towards increased scrutiny of ingredients. Consumers are comfortable with rejecting entire ingredient categories such as parabens and silicones for the sake of wellness or for the sake of a new standard in what they interpret as quality or safety. Ingredient claims will look different when targeting different consumers: it may mean clean, natural, vegan, plant-based, eco-friendly or a myriad of free-from claims. Whichever group your consumer is in, INOLEX’s silicone alternatives enable these highly desired claims about the ingredient source, sustainable production, and end-of-life all without sacrificing on performance.

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The LexFeel WOW Series are 100% plant-derived Cyclomethicone alternatives. Both LexFeel WOW products are approved by NSF and certified by the USDA BioPreferred program as 100% biobased. They are readily biodegradable. The plant sources are coconut, castor oil, and sugarcane. These luxurious dry emollients absorb rapidly leaving a weightlessly soft after-feel. Beyond the sensory experience in skincare, the LexFeel WOW products also provide benefits in sun care, colour cosmetics, APDO, and hair care applications.

The LexFeel N Series are 100% plant-derived dimethicone alternatives. All 6 products in the line are approved by NSF and certified by the USDA BioPreferred program as 100% biobased. They are readily biodegradable. This series includes a range of viscosities (5 cSt to 350 cSt) that match 6 typically used dimethicones. Each LexFeel N Series product matches the spreading speed of the dimethicone counterpart and imparts a very similar sensory aesthetic to the formulation.

INOLEX product innovation is guided by the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry. These principles encourage lifecycle thinking which yields ingredients that are derived from renewable sources, are manufactured using low energy with minimal waste and are readily biodegradable at end of life. These properties enable the ingredient claims consumers are looking for. INOLEX’s natural silicone alternatives are vegan, 100% certified natural, and meet even the strictest standards of clean such as the clean beauty retailer, Credo’s Clean Standard. These products also enable true innovation by improving upon the sensory experience and functional performance of their silicone counterparts. You can learn more about the ways in which INOLEX is creating disrupting innovation by visiting our website or emailing

Image used for illustrative purposes only