Afforest Green Beauty Unveils India’s First Jackfruit Skincare Range

Afforest Green Beauty, a Bengaluru-based beauty brand, has unveiled India’s inaugural Jackfruit Skincare Range, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s commitment to pioneering skincare solutions rooted in exotic forest ingredients.

Drawing inspiration from the verdant landscapes and therapeutic qualities of forests, Afforest Green Beauty specializes in harnessing the potential of natural elements to invigorate and revitalize the skin. The brand’s inception was sparked by a deep appreciation for the natural splendor of Coorg, often referred to as the mini-Scotland of India, celebrated for its breathtaking scenery and abundant botanical treasures.

Yukta, CEO and Co-Founder, Afforest Green Beauty shared, “Each product is carefully formulated with extracts from plants, herbs, and high-performing plant-based alternative extracts. We do not use any byproduct of animals in our products. We believe that skincare should be accessible to everyone, regardless of skin type, tone, or background.”

The newly launched Jackfruit Skincare Range represents the latest addition to Afforest’s diverse portfolio, specifically formulated to address pigmentation and hyperpigmentation concerns. Enriched with vitamin C-rich jackfruit extracts known to enhance collagen production and vitamin A to combat signs of aging, the range comprises a foaming cleanser, gel crème moisturizer, under-eye crème, and bedtime serum, all incorporating scientifically validated botanical extracts for maximum efficacy.

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