Argeville is expanding its presence internationally and has recently opened a center in Mumbai, India, following earlier openings in Vietnam and South Africa. The purpose of this expansion is to target the fine fragrance and cosmetics industry in India. The company has appointed Arnaud Gaudy to lead the Indian team, who brings over ten years of experience in the region. This indicates their commitment to establishing and strengthening their local approach and building long-term relationships with customers in India. Furthermore, Argeville has ambitious growth plans and intends to introduce new centers in 2024. The company is aiming to grow both locally and internationally and has set a target of achieving a turnover of 100 million EUR by 2025.

Argeville specializes in producing natural extracts for use in fragrance and flavor formulations. Their expertise involves the creation of concretes, absolutes, and resinoids through primary and secondary processing techniques. These extracts are then further refined and customized to suit specific applications. Argeville is known for its unique separation technologies, which enable it to produce tailor-made extracts with distinct olfactory or gustatory (profiles. This capability sets them apart in the industry, allowing for the creation of unique and customized aromatic and flavoring ingredients.

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