Cosmoprof India 2023: Transforming Beauty Dynamics on a Grand Scale

Cosmoprof India, the pinnacle event spotlighting the burgeoning Indian market, will grace the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai from December 7 to 9, 2023. As the fourth edition within the Cosmoprof India network, this event promises an unmatched magnitude, showcasing the entire spectrum of the beauty industry, from raw ingredients to finished products.

Anticipating exceptional outcomes, the 2023 edition is slated to surpass previous records. With a remarkable surge of 36% in new exhibitors compared to 2022, over 450 participants are expected. A notable shift towards domestic exhibitors (78%) underscores the burgeoning local industry, complemented by a 19% increase in international representation, facilitated by collaborative efforts between local and global entities.

The event will spotlight major sectors—branded finished products, salon & spa, perfumery, ingredients catering to the escalating demand for personal care and skincare driven by evolving consumer habits favoring e-commerce and quality-centric choices. Simultaneously, Cosmopack India will host 61% of the exhibition area, showcasing pivotal segments like packaging, OEM, ODM, and machinery, representing the core of the beauty supply chain.

Envisioned to attract over 9,000 attendees, the event will feature exclusive buyer programs encompassing key players from India, neighboring countries, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Europe.

Moreover, the event isn’t solely an exhibition; it’s a platform for innovation and recognition. Initiatives like CosmoTalks, CosmoForum, and Cosmo Onstage will provide insights into industry trends, regulations, and product showcases, while the Cosmoprof and Cosmopack India Awards will honor cutting-edge solutions and products.

Notably, the event stands as a beacon for empowerment, exemplified by the Cosmo W. – Empowering Women project, a collaborative effort aimed at contributing tangibly to women’s empowerment in the beauty industry.

Highlighting cultural richness, the Indian Beauty Colours event, a fashion show unveiling the evolution of Indian makeup and style, and the inaugural World Massage Meeting, promising an emotional journey from traditional Ayurveda to modern techniques, stand as pivotal experiences at Cosmoprof India 2023.

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