India Beauty Trends to watch out  for in 2021 – Nalini Kalra

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Not only does Nalini head the marketing function at Vanity Case, one of India’s leading third party manufacturer but also heads Christine Valmy school of aesthetics , besides marketing the CV range of professional skincare in India. We couldn’t have got a better person than her to decode the Beauty Trends, India will follow in 2021.

After a truly tumultuous year, it’s safe to say that we are all eager for a beauty do-over. Our beauty routine took a big hit. We were forced to become our own hairstylist, colourist or skincare expert. We learned about self-care and came out stronger.

We are all hopeful for 2021 where our beauty knowhow would be at an all-time high. Be it an exalted hygiene standard, engineered natural skincare, microbiome health, embracing natural hair or saying goodbye to heavy foundations or Maskne products

  • 2021 will see more of digital connections via virtual consultations to video shopping.
  • Skincare products would see more transparency in terms of ingredients with sustainable formulas and finding innovative ingredients to combat the harmful effects of blue light.
  • Concepts of Clean beauty will continue to climb, cosmetic manufacturers would seek for more natural and environmentally-friendly and ethically sourced emulsifiers, ingredients and packing methods.
  • Liquid lipsticks may do a big comeback as it stays the entire day behind the mask.
  • Metallic eye shadow can make a way into the vanity boxes.
  • Consumers may say NO to heavy foundations and opt for a lightweight one.
  • Haircare brands would consider more of antibacterial formulas (hair sprays) that can eliminate bacteria or virus from scalp and hair.
  • Consumers may not feel afraid to keep natural hair the way it is, without any blow dry or iron.
  • Highlights and low lights would be trending as it is.

All in all- Consumers will prefer enhancing their own skin and hair!

Author : Nalini Kalra

Nalini Kalra is the General Manager – Vanity Case Group of companies and heads Christine Valmy (CV) international academy of Beauty -India’s leading Beauty School. 

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