Powder –
Mix Hair Applicator launched

Powder – Mix Hair Applicator launched

Chinese Packaging company ‘Unica Packaging’ has launched its Powder-Mix Hair Applicator, designed for formulations for scalp and hair.

The Powder-Mix Hair Applicator features a dual chamber design with separate liquid and powder chambers, along with a “click-to-mix” activation mechanism that combines the components of the two chambers. A rubber hair applicator is attached, ensuring precise and mess-free application.

The powder chamber is sealed to protect sensitive ingredients from moisture and environmental contamination. In turn, it can be used for hair dye formulations, keratin treatments and other powder-based hair and scalp care products.

Huang Quan’an, product designer at Unica Packaging, said, “Powder-based hair and scalp care products are currently quite uncommon. We think one reason for that is because powder-based products can be messy to use when there’s a mixing process involved. By making the mixing process easy and convenient with this packaging, we hope to open up formulation possibilities within the hair and scalp care industry.”

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