Symrise partners CRIEPPAM in Lavender farming study 

Starting from June 2020 Fragrance major Symrise is launching a joint research project with French research institute CRIEPPAM  aimed at studying Lavender crop resilience, improved biodiversity and to generate valuable additional income for farmers. The CRIEPPAM research institute, local farmers and Symrise have been working towards increasingly cultivating lavender for several years. The project of CRIEPPAM and Symrise will identify the best inter-cropping options in lavender farming. This is expected to improve biodiversity, increase quality and quantity of lavender yield and lavandin essential oils. Symrise has also funded  CRIEPPAM in developing the Espieur harvesting machine as part of its sustainability program. This machine is expected to pick only lavender blossoms — where the scent is concentrated — instead of stems, thereby saving 30 percent energy during steam distillation, while considerably increasing the quality of lavender essential oil.

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