The LEAF Mask- the First Transparent Smart Mask

When you wear a typical fabric mask, your mouth is covered and one cannot read expressions under it. Enter the transparent LEAF MASK. This Mask has N-99 standard air filtering abilities in addition to a self-purifying feature with a built-in UV-C light. The transparent and medical-grade silicone provides a universal fit and ensures your face isn’t visually covered by an opaque mask.  The smart mask has filters that are located around the chin, which keeps the nose, mouth and cheeks visible to people. The LEAF transparent smart mask also sports an antifogging feature, that allows smartphones facial-unlock feature to work without taking the mask off. The LEAF comes in 3 different options: Leaf HEPA, Leaf UV, and Leaf PRO and four different sizes that include masks for kids too. And of course, it is re-usable.

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