MyMicrobiome offers Microbiome-Friendly Certification

Dr. Kristin Neumann, CEO of MyMicrobiome, discussing the microbiome-friendly certification process.

MyMicrobiome AG stands at the forefront of an movement in skin care, introducing the
world’s sole registered certification mark.

MyMicrobiome is an independent organisation of scientists who evaluate the impact of
personal care products on the skin microbiome. They have developed a standard of testing that
assesses how products influence and impact the skin microbiome

Their rigorous testing revolves around four critical questions:

• Is the product free from contamination?
• Does it support the growth of area-specific bacteria unharmed?
• Does it preserve microbiome diversity?
• Does it disrupt skin balance by suppressing protective bacteria and fostering harmful

Products are graded based on these tests, with higher scores indicating a more significant
influence on the skin microbiome. A score of 2.0 or below deems a product microbiomefriendly.

Dr. Kristin Neumann, CEO of MyMicrobiome, exudes excitement about the momentum of the
microbiome movement. She emphasizes the value their certification mark holds, as an
increasing number of companies seek validation through their scientifically-backed testing.
Prestigious brands like Amore Pacific, Codex Labs, Beekman 1802, and more proudly display the
“Microbiome Friendly” quality seal, showcasing their commitment to microbiome-friendly

With seven distinct testing standards covering skin, scalp, vagina, mouth, foot, nose, and infant
skin, MyMicrobiome’s innovative approach spans both cosmetics and textiles. The company
offers tailored research, development services, consultations, and formulation support to
facilitate microbiome-friendly product development. Their pioneering testing assesses products’
impact on microorganism balance upon skin contact, heralding a transformative future in
natural skin care.

MyMicrobiome’s pioneering work underscores the pivotal role of microbiome-friendly products
in the future of consumer well-being.

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