Nykaa K-Beauty Store showcasing popular Korean skincare brands

With search terms ‘glass skin’  ‘K- Beauty’ , ‘Korean Skincare’ featuring highly and with Korean cosmetic brands sales growing over 50% , it is not surprising that top Indian retailer Nykaa has launched a dedicated K- beauty store on its online platform. Besides offering a plethora of Korean brands ,the platform also produces exclusive K- Beauty content and hosts events to create awareness and educate consumers on Korean beauty regimes , brands and products.

Korean brands like Innisfree ,CosRx, TonyMoly , Belif , Ariul, Kpkostar , Juice to cleanse , Mirabelle and Glowish are some brands that sell like hot cakes on the platform. But the biggest challenge to K- Beauty growth in India remains its multi-step skin care routine. Indians do not follow any skincare routine . And Nykaa has been trying to change this with inspiration from K – Beauty by creating and popularizing 4 step I-Beauty CSMS routine ( Cleanse , Serum, Moisturise and Sunscreen)

According to Sanjay Varshney -President, Essential Oil Association of India, “The congress aims
to bring together scientists involved in Essential oils, related natural products research,
fragrance creativity, and organoleptic science.”

The World Aroma Ingredient Congress & Expo 2024 , a three-day event will host an expo hall,
networking opportunities and interesting technical sessions ,diving into the current issues, new
market trends, products, and prospects of the industry. The congress is a massive offline event
for expertise from perfumery, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ayurveda, aromatherapy,
veterinary, and Agarbatti industry.

The committee will also organize workshops on fragrances and flavors respectively to bring
learning opportunities for individuals in the industry.

The event is sponsored by Ultra International, Ikta Aromatics, Karnataka Aromas, Nishant
Aromas, Arome and many others, and supported by CSIR, FFDC , FAFAI, GAMDA and other
relevant bodies and associations

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