Cult retailer Sephora bans mink eyelashes

Following a long campaign from PETA, the iconic beauty retailer which has more than 2600 stores across 34 countries has confirmed it will phase out its remaining stock of mink eyelashes and will only purchase synthetic or faux-fur lashes going forward. Customers are more often, not aware that  Faux eyelashes are often made with the fur of minks , even if there are numerous options for synthetic false eyelashes on the market. Animal rights organization PETA had run a campaign regarding mink eyelashes at Sephora, where more than 280,000 customers emailed Sephora asking the company to stop selling mink fur lashes. As part of the campaign, PETA sent Sephora a video where adorable minks can be seen in dark, crowded wire cages in terrible conditions enough to put customers off mink eyelashes.

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