Founder of Colorpop files Lawsuit against Coty and Kylie Cosmetics 

Seed Beauty , the exclusive manufacturer of Kylie cosmetics has filed a lawsuit in California against global cosmetics giant Coty and King Kylie LLC. The lawsuit alleges that Kylie Cosmetics knowingly shared Seed Beauty’s trade secrets (IP) and Coty knowingly accepted them. Seed Beauty said it was the “sole developer, manufacturer and supplier” for both KKW and Kylie Cosmetics and that its “competitive position would be gravely harmed” were Coty to gain access to its trade secrets.  According to Seed beauty, the company lends its expertise to developing new products by tracking make-up trends on social media, develops new products based on those trends and sells them online. It must be noted that the petitioners are the founders of the vey successful direct to consumer brand Colorpop. According to Seed, Coty made a $600 million investment in King Kylie, as a ploy to learn Seed’s confidential business strategies.

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