Healium wins opportunity to partner with P&G ventures 

Healium, the makers of a virtual stress relief product recently won the P & G Ventures Innovation Challenge and an opportunity to partner with P&G Ventures. Healium pitched the idea of a ‘digiceuticals aisle’ to sell its mental health hygiene products alongside physical hygiene products in drugstores or other retailers. P&G Ventures, a startup accelerator within Procter & Gamble, is partnering with entrepreneurs, inventors, and startups to discover and create consumer products, brands, and businesses that solve people’s needs in categories new to P&G.  Healium is the world’s first immersive media product powered by the body’s electricity via consumer wearables like a smartwatch or EEG-sensing headband. It provides nature-based escapes in augmented or virtual reality that have the option to be controlled by the user’s brainwaves or heart rate. Healium has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve mood in as little as four minutes.

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