Evonik Wins Cefic’s Responsible Care Award

Evonik, a global specialty chemicals company, has recieved the Responsible Care Award by the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) in recognition of its sustainable biosurfactants platform. Winning the prestigious award in the ‘Safe and Sustainable Chemicals’ category, Evonik stood out for its groundbreaking glycolipid technology and partnerships.

The company has pioneered the development of an intellectual property-protected biotechnological process for the commercial-scale production of rhamnolipid biosurfactants, marking a significant achievement in the industry. In 2022, Evonik announced a substantial triple-digit million-euro investment in a commercial-scale biosurfactant plant in Slovakia, emphasizing the strong market demand for sustainable surfactants and the industry’s swift shift towards them.

Biosurfactants have gained attention for their eco-friendly characteristics, but their commercial production faced challenges due to low yields and high recovery costs. Evonik’s sophorolipid and rhamnolipid biosurfactants are derived through a bio-fermentation process with a low carbon footprint, utilizing 100% renewable feedstock.

Notably, these glycolipids possess foaming, cleansing, and solubilizing properties, making them ideal for applications in personal care products such as shampoo and shower gels. Evonik’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond product innovation, as the company actively contributes to changing consumer expectations by incorporating sustainability into everyday products.

Cefic, founded in 1972, represents the voice of chemical companies across Europe, and the Responsible Care Award, initiated in 2005, acknowledges outstanding contributions to safe chemicals management and excellence in performance within the chemical industry.

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