Mintel Revolutionizes Market Research with AI based ‘Mintel Leap’

Global market research giant Mintel has unveiled Mintel Leap, a cutting-edge market intelligence AI designed to revolutionize how businesses approach research. Matt Nelson, Mintel CEO, hails Mintel Leap as an “AI game-changer,” leveraging generative AI to rapidly process billions of data points and years of Mintel’s analyst expertise, providing instant and succinct responses to complex queries.

Mintel Leap operates as a closed-loop, generative AI platform exclusively built on Mintel’s proprietary research and analyst insights. Offering unparalleled speed, accuracy, and quality, Mintel Leap delivers swift research and recommendations on people, products, and categories—crucial information for businesses shaping their innovation and marketing strategies.

This transformative AI platform simplifies the research process, catering to everyone from Junior Strategists to Chief Marketing Officers. Users can swiftly obtain insights into diverse topics, from analyzing shifting demographics in beauty e-commerce to understanding the competitive landscape in financial services. The platform’s ease of use empowers individuals at various levels to grasp new categories and emerging consumer trends effortlessly, allowing them to redirect their focus to more value-added tasks.

According to Matt Nelson, “Our clients are beginning to leverage the power of AI to drive organizational efficiency; however, understanding how and where to incorporate AI into business practices isn’t always clear. With Mintel Leap’s closed-loop generative AI platform, we’ve eliminated information overload and supercharged our clients’ ability to get trusted, data-driven insights faster than ever, saving them valuable time. The implications for improved operational efficiency, product development, and marketing strategy are genuinely unrivaled, enabling our clients to make informed decisions quickly and confidently.”

Mintel Leap is poised to reshape the landscape of market research, providing businesses with a powerful tool to navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic markets.

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