Fret not Cosmetics marketers Shoploop will soon be here

Google’s internal R&D division, Area 120, has just launched Shoploop, a video shopping platform designed to introduce consumers to new products in under 90 seconds. The short product videos clips look similar to those found on Instagram or TikTok. Presently most videos focus on makeup and skincare. While the videos show how to use the products, Google’s technology allows viewers to shop online from the app. Google is now promoting the app as “a platform with short-form and live, interactive videos that helps people discover new products and shop.” The idea for the app is to help people experience the look and feel of products they are shopping for without going to a physical store. Shoploop helps brands get product reviews from real people who know and use the products. The experience is similar to watching YouTube tutorials, but in précis writing style. The demos are designed to give consumers a feel of the product and just a click leads to the merchants’ website. Meanwhile Facebook has launched ‘Reels’, as a feature on instagram to fill the vacuum created by Tik-Tok.