Lancôme harvests Organic roses for it’s perfumes


Lancôme has accomplished its first harvest of Organic Centifolia roses from its Grasse estate. The harvest began in early May, at sunrise until noon, before the flowers open, allowing for optimal freshness. The beauty major also cultivates other plant and flower species in it’s Grasse farms.

Lancôme Global brand president Françoise Lehmann said, “The organically grown fields feature a rich biodiversity and illustrate in tangible ways Lancôme’s commitments in matters of sustaina­bility and biodiversity. Renewable agricultural practices, the cultivation of organic roses, the irrigation system aiming at near self-sufficiency in water, the ultimate objective of using all parts of the rose (zero waste)—are all proof of our commitments in favor of biodiversity. We are proud to cultivate organic Centifolia rose in Grasse on this exceptional Ecocert-certified land. Our fields will eventually produce around 6 tons of roses per year, which will be used in future Lancôme fragrances. As part of our anchorage in Grasse, we are contributing to protecting the region’s unique heritage and resources and preserving various forms of biodiversity of this ecosystem.”

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