Nivea Launches
“Proud In Your Skin” Campaign

Nivea Launches "Proud In Your Skin" Campaign

Nivea, has unveiled “Proud In Your Skin,” a new campaign in collaboration with LGBTQ+ organization PFLAG National. This multifaceted initiative aims to celebrate diversity, advocate for equity and inclusion, and foster meaningful connections through the power of care.

Central to the campaign is the introduction of a limited-edition Pride Nivea Creme Rainbow tin, symbolizing Nivea’s commitment to inclusivity and creating a world where everyone feels safe and proud in their skin. The tin is 85% recycled aluminium.

The “Proud In Your Skin” campaign includes various elements- personal narratives from LGBTQ+ individuals aiming to highlight diverse stories and build community ; Collaborations with influencers to amplify the message of inclusivity; Active engagement with the #NIVEASquad community to promote empowerment and support for LGBTQ+ individuals and their families; Encourage everyone to join the conversation by sharing their stories using the hashtag #ProudInYourSkin, fostering a collective sense of pride

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