L’Oréal Unveils ‘Skin Technology’ at Viva Technology Paris

L'Oréal Unveils 'Skin Technology' at Viva Technology Paris

Reaffirming its dedication to personalized, inclusive, and responsible beauty, L’Oréal has introduced innovative advancements at Viva Technology in Paris. Among these innovations is the most realistic human skin-like technology platform for scientific research and product testing.

“Having pioneered Beauty Tech for years, we are firm believers that technology can push the boundaries of what’s possible for beauty to improve the lives of people around the world,” said Barbara Lavernos, Deputy CEO in charge of Research, Innovation, and Technology at L’Oréal Groupe. “With advanced diagnostics, augmented beauty services, GenAI assistants, and breakthrough electronic devices, we are shaping the future of beauty to be more personalized, inclusive, and responsible. This week at VivaTech, we are unveiling Skin Technology by L’Oréal: a new bio-printed skin that closely mimics real human skin and opens up exciting possibilities for researchers across the cosmetic and health sectors.”

Skin Technology by L’Oréal is a result of the convergence of biology, mechanics, and electronics, designed to replicate the vast diversity of real human skin, including conditions like eczema and acne, as well as its ability to tan and heal from injury. This innovative bio-printed skin aims to raise the standards of product testing, promoting beauty without animal cruelty—a commitment L’Oréal has upheld since 1989.

L’Oréal is collaborating with start-ups and renowned institutes worldwide to further develop this technology, potentially enabling skin that can actually feel. Skin Technology promises to enhance product testing standards, ensuring ethical and accurate testing while contributing to advancements in the cosmetic and health sectors.

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