Expanscience Launches Gaïaline® underscoring sustainability

Expanscience Launches Gaïaline® underscoring sustainability

French-based cosmetics ingredient supplier Expanscience, renowned for its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, has introduced Gaïaline®, a groundbreaking active ingredient developed through conservation agriculture. This initiative is a testament to Expanscience’s dedication to sustainability, highlighted by its status as the first cosmetics ingredients supplier globally to achieve B Corp certification in 2018.

Gaïaline® is an extract from locally-grown French flaxseeds, cultivated on a certified regenerative and conservation agriculture farm. The ingredient is derived using molecular distillation, a sustainable process that ensures the purity and efficacy of the extract. Named after Gaïa, the Greek goddess of the Earth, Gaïaline® underscores its deep connection with nature.

Extracted from flaxseed oil, Gaïaline® is enriched with unsaponifiable compounds such as phytosterols, which play a crucial role in skin and hair health. This liposoluble active ingredient regenerates the skin by boosting the production of ceramides, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, while also protecting hair from daily damage caused by heat, coloring, and styling.

The environmental benefits of Gaïaline® production are significant. The use of conservation agriculture practices has led to a noticeable increase in local wildlife, indicating a resurgence of life in natural habitats. Additionally, the farm’s soils have become healthier and more resilient, better able to withstand climate change. The adoption of no-till practices has also reduced emissions associated with soil preparation, with 130 tons of carbon sequestered annually on the farm.

By sourcing locally and partnering with a farm just 32 km from its factory, Expanscience has minimized its environmental footprint while supporting the local economy. This initiative not only reinforces the company’s commitment to sustainability but also demonstrates the potential for integrating ethical practices into the production of high-quality cosmetic ingredients.

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