NERI and L’Oréal Singapore Collaborate for Greener Crop Cultivation

NERI and L'Oréal Singapore Collaborate for Greener Crop Cultivation

The NUS Environmental Research Institute (NERI) and L’Oréal Singapore have launched a partnership aimed at enhancing plant yield and health for commercially significant crops through eco-friendly methods.

Associate Professor Sanjay Swarup, Director of NERI, highlighted the environmental and health hazards posed by the increasing demand for chemicals in various industries. “There is growing interest in green chemicals that are sustainable and do not harm the environment or human health,” he stated. He emphasized the synergistic potential of the collaboration, aiming to discover solutions that benefit both the industry and the planet.

The partnership has established a 50 sqm joint grow zone and a 30 sqm precision climate chamber at the NUS Agritech Centre. These facilities will allow scientists to conduct controlled-environment research on high-value plant varieties used in cosmetics and skincare formulations. “By reprogramming plant metabolism through targeted microbial approaches, we can achieve higher yields of desired phytochemicals sustainably,” said Assoc Prof Swarup.

Dr. Tarun Chopra, Director of Advanced Research at L’Oréal Singapore Research & Innovation, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration. “We believe nature is the future of beauty and are excited about this partnership with NUS to enhance the sustainable cultivation of ingredients,” he said. He noted that this collaboration aligns with L’Oréal’s sustainability goals and showcases confidence in Singapore as a hub for disruptive innovation.

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