Premium Biotech Haircare Brand K18 Joins Unilever’s Prestige Portfolio

Unilever has set the stage for a thrilling venture by announcing the acquisition of the cutting-edge biotech haircare brand, K18. This strategic move underscores Unilever’s commitment to optimizing its portfolio for higher growth, with K18 at the forefront of the beauty and biotechnology intersection. Established in 2020 by Suveen Sahib and Britta Cox, K18 has swiftly become a pioneer in leveraging social media to educate and captivate consumers with the science behind hair care.

K18’s impressive range of six products not only identifies but also addresses the root causes of hair damage, garnering favor from both professionals and consumers alike. Their groundbreaking molecule, K18Peptide™, mimics the human keratin structure to rapidly reverse chemical damage on all hair types, offering immediate results and eliminating the need for complex hair treatment routines.

Vasiliki Petrou, Unilever Prestige CEO, expressed excitement about expanding the Unilever Prestige portfolio into high-growth premium spaces with the addition of K18. She highlighted the brand’s commitment to unparalleled science, product efficacy, and community love. Suveen Sahib, CEO of K18, shared the enthusiasm, emphasizing their unique biology-first and biotech approach, which aligns with Unilever’s sustainability goals.

Embraced by professional stylists and at-home users in over 100 countries, K18 has amassed over 20 billion TikTok views and received 25 prestigious awards. Presently in India, K18 is being distributed by Mumbai based MK Exim.

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