With GEKA developing Makeup products have never been easier

GEKA, the German manufacturer of brushes, applicators and complete packaging systems for the cosmetics industry, announced the launch of new product categories available with 3D configuration. With this state-of-the-art tool, Brands can create make-up products very quickly while considering important factors of functionality, efficacy and aesthetics.  This tool featuring over 150 stock components and a multitude of combinations to help the user to get the desired result along with applicator, packaging filling volume or material. The selected combination can be taken and combined with an artwork adjusting the colours and details. Users can view the exact specifications of each component as they customize their package. This gives them the opportunity to instantly compare the benefits of each possible combination. All virtual packs are AR-based, enabling users to visualize pack designs as virtual prototypes, which can also be projected onto any shelf or surface in dynamic 360° vision in the Augmented Reality app. GEKA has also announced its Platinum award by the prestigious EcoVadis business sustainability rating provider. 

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