Unilever partners with Alibaba cloud

Unilever has partnered with Alibaba Cloud, as part of a strategic initiative that will enable the global fMCG Giant to action on next-generation digital marketing campaign. Unilever will apply Alibaba Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-based technologies to its omnichannel, online and offline demand generation activities.This will help the company unlock detailed insights into its customers’ buying patterns and behaviour. The data-driven business intelligence could help Unilever accelerate the creation of new and precisely targeted digital marketing campaigns and enable Unilever to predict more precisely and quickly respond to changing customer buying habits across multiple platforms.The Chinese cloud computing giant says its solution can support optimized brand experience for consumers’ purchasing journey through Unilever’s online stores in Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall. The data intelligence provided by Alibaba Cloud can be easily translated into consumer insight, pivotal in enabling Unilever to expand its current and future product offerings in line with customer needs. The insights into anticipated and current customer demand, will also benefit Unilever’s supply chain, as well as optimize its route to market.

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