World Packaging Organisation announces Worldstar Awards 2020

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The prestigious international WorldStar Awards is a major event of the  World Packaging Organisation (WPO). In its 52nd year, the Worldstar Awards 2020 attracted 321 packaging projects across 36 countries. The jury had representatives from 36 packaging associations as well as members of WPO.

WorldStars are presented only to those packaging which, having already won recognition in a national competition, are compared by an expert panel of judges to similar packaging from around the world. Awards are based on the judges’ consensus that a package is superior in its own right and better in its class in execution or innovation by comparison.

Worldstar Winners 2020 – Health and Personal Care category

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  • Victor Lightweight HEINZ-GLAS GmbH & Co. KGaA , Germany

A reduction in glass weight of nearly 67% resulting in 67% less raw materials and energy.

  • Unilever Dove Men + Care TUBEX GmbH Germany

The can is manufactured with a patented alloy slug. Weight reduction of nearly 20% compared to the previous can design. Reduced wall thickness: Savings: 15% more cans on pallets 15% more cans on the truck, 15% less warehouse space needed. The focus with this can was on sustainability and recyclability.

  • Sarah Craig & Margorie Impact International Pty Ltd Australia

Tubes are fitted with anti-counterfeit protection and are manufactured using recycled and/or sustainable bioplastic using green energy from one of the largest privately-owned solar farms in Australia. The QR code can provide the location of the tube when scanned.

  • Registered Hologram For Sachets Huhtamaki PPL Ltd. India

Duly addresses brand-security & shelf-appeal needs. The sachet incorporates a unique holographic transfer process that creates registered holo-patterns without a holographic film in the laminate. This offers creative registration or marriage of the hologram with the artwork that improves aesthetics & pack identification amongst consumers with distinct shelf-appeal. This pack with its sachet format offers consumers not just product affordability and accessibility, but also protection from counterfeiting.

  • Prime Layer(Metallic) / ANGFA SCALP D shampoo ; Mebius Packaging Co .,Ltd. ; Japan

A multilayer plastic bottle for hair-care, manufactured at extrusion blow moulding without spray-coating. As paints containing VOC aren’t used, the environmental load is low. Its appearance has the same metallic feel as aluminium-rolled plate, same gloss as a glass plate.

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  • Planet Perfume; Shenzhen Baixinglong Creative Packaging Co., Ltd; China

 “Planet” as the creative idea -5  planet perfumes of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. The bottle shape is designed to be concave and convex, which is convenient for user’s palm gripping. The box-type intermediate opening, the product is placed therein to stabilize the product and save space. The box material is made of environmental friendly degradable materials and uses 3D printing technology. 

  • HUI Day Shield Smart Pumping Foundation Cushion; LG Household &Health Care; Korea (South)

Smart Pumping Foundation Cushion,  combines the advantages of pump containers and cushion compacts. With just one pumping action, through a specially designed distribution flow path, the contents are discharged on the plate evenly and absorbed widely into the puff at the same time. The voluminous cushioning puff and the butterfly-shaped handle enhance the makeup finish. 

  • Nursary face, Thailand

Represents purity, peace and harmonious with the use of white mood tone, and Multiple Intelligences display, enhancing a remarkable brand’s identity. The packaging’s square is designed for the purpose of easy arrangement, saving space, suitable for transportation besides the ability to promote sales in more than 1 format. From a sheet of paper, can be applied to multi-display up to 6 styles.

  • Nivea Body Mousse TUBEX GmbH Germany

Outstanding smooth & conical shape, done with spline technology. This achieves a smooth and fine transition on the shape and avoids shadowing on the can surface. The shape compliments the soft Body Mousse in a perfect way. Pre-press work is required to modify the brand logo in a special way that after shaping, the logo looks perfectly round on the final can.

  • NatureBox Vegan Valentine Pack STI Petőfi Nyomda Kft. Hungary

Its 3-point glued automatic closure makes it fast to assemble and fill; the integrated insert adds stability and holds the product safely. The pack top is tamper-evident; the separate cardboard lid offers a cost-effective way to customise the standard pack and re-use for new promotions. Being able to repurpose the standard packaging with promotion-specific lid graphics supports the brand’s sustainability objectives.

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  • LANEIGE Layering Cover Cushion Amorepacific R&D Center Korea (South)

This is an innovative 2-in-1 type cushion foundation product. In order to efficiently put 2 products together, the dead space under the cap was revealed, and formula optimized into sponge pores. Inspired from an art palette

  • L’Oréal Paris Elvive Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner Viva IML Tubes Canada

This plastic tube offers outstanding shelf impact as well as high sustainability thanks to the use of an Injection-Molded Tube with an In-Mold Label. Sustainable recycle-ready PP (tube + cap + label), full coverage In-Mold Label with hot stamp and  Eye-catching Iconic Crimp provides on-shelf differentiated brand identity. The tube is made of 100% recycle-ready, single-category PP.

  • FEM Hand Wash With Flip Top Spout Kanodia Technoplast Limited India

A special spout pouch for hand-wash,  extremely convenient to use because of the flip-top function and no hassle of cap-loss. It has a tamper-proof lock system and will only open after breaking the tamper-locks. The K-sealed gusset and handle on the top are added features for storage and handling. This pouch is a sustainable alternative to heavy HDPE containers normally used for this application.

  • Dr-Fischer ALCO GEL BABY TO GO Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd Israel

The Unique dual package provides a solution for hands hygiene before and after changing baby diapers and solution for used diapers. The package contains Alco-gel Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel+ perishable and biodegradable bags, can be hung on Baby stroller or bag. the strap is flexible and adjustable. The Unique package is small and compact with an innovative and up-to-date design + a stylish element

  • Desobediente Wheaton Brazil

The bottle, inspired by bubble gum, features an irregular shape and was manufactured with a decentralized finish and the support base at the bottle’s side.This brings some technical challenges for large-scale production. A special parison allowed a good glass distribution, as the glass blowing is not in the centre of the bottle. The cap ensures a stable position for the bottle. The creation focused on the concept of brand irreverence, in a fun way, without being childish.

  • Biore u Foam Stamp Hand Wash Kao Corporation, Japan

The new hand wash package provides both the fun of getting cute flower-shaped foam and usability with one-hand operation. It is aimed to make hygienic “KIREI” habit by making hand washing a fun time. The nozzle plate shape design that produces cute flower-shaped foam. The push ring design makes it easy for a child to push the pump with one hand and the hygienic structure design that makes it easy to clean, it doesn’t leave dirty foam on the nozzle.