Colgate-Palmolive Partners with NASA to Pioneer Health Innovations on Oral health

Colgate-Palmolive Company has entered into a groundbreaking agreement with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to explore innovative solutions advancing oral health, personal care, and skin health for astronauts and people worldwide. Former astronaut Dr. Cady Coleman will join Colgate as an advisor, lending her expertise to guide research design and offer insights into the challenges of space travel and life in microgravity.

The Space Act Agreement (SAA) sets the stage for collaboration between the consumer goods leader and NASA, aligning with Colgate’s mission to envision a healthier future globally and supporting NASA’s strategic objectives. This partnership enables testing of Colgate technologies on the International Space Station (ISS) to enhance the health and wellbeing of future space travelers during long-duration missions.

Beyond Earth, Colgate and NASA will explore sustainable hygiene solutions for space consumption, including waterless tablets and compact packaging technologies. These findings may not only enhance sustainability practices in space but also inspire innovations on Earth. Potential collaborative topics include oral care innovations, connected health technologies, skin care advancements, low-water products, and sustainable packaging suitable for space.

Colgate’s Chief Technology Officer, Stephan Habif, expressed excitement about the partnership with NASA, anticipating impactful insights that could benefit both space travelers and individuals on Earth. The SAA marks the next phase of Colgate’s space exploration efforts, building on previous microgravity investigations on the ISS, which examined oral care and skin health. The findings aim to enhance product formulations for astronauts and Earth-bound consumers alike.

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