L’Oréal Expands StandUp Against Street Harassment Program to Roblox Platform

L’Oréal Paris has broadened its Stand Up Against Street Harassment initiative by incorporating it into the popular gaming platform, Roblox. The impact training program is now accessible to users engaging in Livetopia, a roleplaying server within the virtual outlet. Players are educated on various street harassment situations and receive guidance on safely responding to such incidents in real life, utilizing Roblox’s gaming elements to navigate scenarios.

With over two million individuals already trained physically and online, the introduction of the Stand Up Against Street Harassment experience on Roblox presents an innovative approach to raise awareness for the brand’s cause. Launched in 2020 in collaboration with international NGO Right To Be, the program employs the ‘5D’s’ methodology—distract, delegate, document, delay, and direct—to empower individuals to intervene when witnessing or experiencing street harassment. This expansion into Roblox reflects a broader trend of brands entering the metaverse and gaming spaces as part of their marketing strategies.

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