GSK Consumer Healthcare launches ‘Polident’ -Denture care brand

GSK Consumer Healthcare has announced the launch of global oral-care and denture care brand Polident in India. With the introduction, GSK India has entered the specialised denture care category. Several denture wearers face discomfort while eating, speaking or even smiling with dentures. Polident Denture fixative cream creates a seal between denture and gum tissues. This keeps the food particles out and provides a strong; all day long hold for dentures. Polident is free of zinc, as well as artificial colours and flavours and therefore does not interfere with the taste of food, claims the company. Polident Denture fixative is available pan-India across pharmacies and leading e-commerce platforms. It is available in a pack size of 20 gm for INR 315. 

In a media statement, GSK Consumer Healthcare marketing Lead, oral health, Anurita Chopra said, “ One of every seven Indians above the age of 45 wear a denture. Only 5% of these denture wearers use specialist care products.”

Polident strengthens GSK’s Oral Health portfolio in India. Currently, the company’s oral health portfolio consists of Sensodyne range of toothpaste and toothbrush. Oral care specialisation addressing concerns such as tooth sensitivity, whitening is now showing a sharp uptick globally and in India too, we are witnessing speciality toothpaste being developed and positioned in the grooming /lifestyle category.

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