in-cosmetics Asia Awards 2023 winners announced

Celebrating excellence in the cosmetic and personal care industry, in-cosmetics Asia has announced this year’s standout innovators at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC). Recognizing pioneering ingredient developments, the awards spotlighted remarkable advancements in the field.

In the Innovation Zone, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics clinched the prestigious Gold Active Ingredient Award for Immunight™, a lavender extract aiming to enhance skin recovery during sleep. CODIF secured the Silver Award with REGETASTE, an anti-ageing epidermal ingredient, while RAHN AG received the Bronze for PERFELINE®, strengthening skin micro-vessels.

Gattefossé bagged the Gold Functional Ingredient Award with Emulium Dermolea MB, lauded for its stress-reducing lipidic composition. IOI Oleo’s Softisan® MagicPOWDER S and Elementis’ Bentone® PLUS GLOW seized the Silver and Bronze Awards, respectively, for their transformative and natural ingredient innovations.

In the Spotlight On Formulation Award, BioSyn-Bisabolol and Lotion with Neosolue™-Aqulio claimed the Bronze and Silver accolades for Sustainable, Conscious Beauty. Taiwan’s BIO-NEST Biochemical Technology triumphed with SunCat JCW03, securing the Gold for UV Filters with SPF30.

The “Love is in the Hair” category saw Ichimaru Pharcos’ BURGEON-UP(HS) and Azelis’ Detox Scalp Butter Mask both clinch Gold Awards, commended for their haircare innovation and multifunctional benefits.

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