Olay Regenerist  Refill Pods launched through Amazon

Proctor & Gamble launched its trial Refill pods with its skincare brand Olay through Amazon in the UK last week. For those who remember P&G had debuted the refill pod in October last year through its D2C site in North America. Olay Regenerist Whip moisturizer will sell in refillable containers. The goal is of reducing plastic waste. The skin-care package contains a jar of cream and one refill pod of moisturizer that can be placed inside the jar once it’s emptied. The company said the package will be sold and shipped in a container made of 100% recycled paper and would have no outer carton to cut paperboard use. Olay’s digital marketing for the package will focus on educating consumers about how the product works and asking them to adopt a new habit. According to the P&G spokesperson, entrenched consumer behaviour will be one of the pilot’s biggest challenges, in addition to ensuring the refill pods are easy to use. P&G said the Olay pilot, in particular, could be a great way to attract more Millennials and gen Z customers.

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