Philip’s Digital Ad campaign uses the Language of Hair

The new digital campaign conceptualized by Ogilvy for Philips India reminds women about the special place their hair holds in their lives, and why caring for the hair is important – irrespective of the circumstance. “Hair is a powerful tool that a woman can use to communicate. The desire for hair care and styling has been steadily waning in the face of lesser social occasions,” says Ritu Sharda, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy North. “In 2020, we all find ourselves locked in and therefore don’t feel the need to really bother about our hair. With the Philips Haircare Range campaign, we wanted to reignite the love of hair and the need for us to care about them. We had to give ourselves a reason to look at hair, not just as hair but an extension of our myriad moods and expressions. A twirl of the hair says I’m in love. A sudden flick says I’m angry. When we tie them up, we mean business. When we let them loose, we feel free. Our hair speaks a beautiful language, it expresses our thoughts, our wishes, our state of mind. So take care of them ‘kyunki baal bolte hain’,” she explains. The central campaign idea is that hair has a language of its own, a language the world understands.

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