Skincare brand Dot&Key campaign to protect endangered animals

On May 15 2020, marking  World Endangered Species Day, Dot & Key, a cruelty-free & PETA certified skincare brand launched AR Filter campaign #Dot&KeyCares. The brand initially kicked off its campaign with “Guess the Animal Challenge” followed by “Who Am I” activation in all the social media handles (Instagram & Facebook) through customized AR filters to promote awareness of endangered species. This campaign was supported by an interactive Live Instagram session in association with PETA INDIA, discussing the brutality animal’s face when it comes to product-testing, making of fashion garments or cosmetic products, and how that endangers the lives of these helpless animals. The audience was urged to sign the pledge of only using cruelty-free products and play a part in actively helping in their conservation and protection. The campaign saw an overwhelming response and in lieu of their efforts to stop abuse on animals, Dot & Key made a substantial donation to PETA India. According to Suyash Saraf, Co-founder at Dot & Key Skincare, “The campaign focused on various endangered species that are vulnerable and are struggling. Being a vegan and cruelty-free brand, we wish to make our users acknowledge the fact that we are losing not just our wildlife friends but also failing to raise a voice against the harmful practices carried out on these helpless animals, be it wild or domestic.”


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