Velay Clays Awarded Geographical Indication

The French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) officially granted the prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) to “Velay clays” on October 13, 2023. The announcement marks a noteworthy achievement, as Velay clays become the second cosmetic product to receive this recognition.

Geographical Indication is a designation applied to products that originate from a specific geographical location, emphasizing the unique qualities and reputation associated with that region. The product must adhere to stringent standards, and items meeting these criteria receive a government-issued stamp, serving as official certification of their origin and quality.

Velay Green Clay, the focus of this Geographical Indication, is extracted from the mineral-rich volcanic soil of the Auvergne region in France. Comprising a unique blend of properties derived from the gradual breakdown of pre-existing rock, particularly those containing feldspar, Velay Green Clay is a natural treasure. It consists of three distinct clays with complementary properties and benefits, free from silica, and is entirely natural.

The Geographical Indication, ensures that all extraction and processing operations of Velay clays must take place within this specific region. The scope of the “Velay clays” geographical indication encompasses a range of products resulting from primary processing, including powdered, granulated, raw, packaged, or bulk clay. This official recognition elevates Velay clays to a distinguished status, signifying its authenticity, quality, and connection to the rich volcanic earth of the Auvergne region.

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