SoapBottle -Sustainable Zero Waste Packaging Design

German designer Jonna Breitenhuber has conceptualised the ‘Soapbottle’ – a sustainable, zero-waste liquid container made entirely from soap. In a rectangular shape, the Soapbottle is opened by clipping off a corner with the reusable metal closure. The soap can be propped up on a sponge or hung in the shower by looping a string around it. Each bottle consists of 80 grams of soap and can hold 1000 millilitres of liquid that lasts for approximately a month, thanks to its water-insoluble layer coating that slows down the dissolving process. Once empty, the bottle itself takes the role of hand soap or can be grated into detergent by adding soda and natron. “The concept plays with the process of dissolution, with the transformation of the object and the individuality resulting from these aspects,” Breitenhuber says. The simple, colourful soap forms are made from natural ingredients and hold liquid such as shampoo and shower gel.

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