Croda International Strengthens Beauty Actives Portfolio with Acquisition of Solus Biotech

In a strategic move to enhance its position in the beauty and personal care industry, Croda International Plc has officially completed the acquisition of Solus Biotech , a global leader in premium, biotechnology-derived beauty actives. The acquisition, includes access to Solus’ cutting-edge biotech-derived ceramide and phospholipid technologies, along with its emerging capabilities in natural retinol. Solus, based in South Korea, not only provides Croda with access to key technologies but also serves to augment the company’s Asian manufacturing capabilities. Furthermore, Solus will play a pivotal role in establishing a new biotechnology R&D hub in the region.

Solus is renowned for being a leading supplier of naturally derived powder ceramides. The demand for ceramides has surged in recent years, particularly in skincare formulations. In fact, the number of new personal care products containing ceramides has doubled over the last five years. Solus also brings to Croda a diverse portfolio of phospholipids with applications spanning pharmaceuticals and beauty care. These naturally derived phospholipids can be utilized as delivery systems for both pharmaceutical actives and cosmetics. In addition to ceramides and phospholipids, Solus is at the forefront of developing biotech-derived retinol, offering an exciting and sustainable alternative to synthetically derived retinol.

The acquisition positions Croda to better serve luxury beauty customers in Asia and globally, offering an enhanced ability to meet the demands of a dynamic and evolving market.

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