Global Major L’Oreal introduces a new Makeup Recycling Initiative

Maybelline, a L’Oreal brand has introduced make-up recycling bins across 1,000 Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury’s and Superdrug stores across the UK. This new recycling scheme is in collaboration with Terracycle, a private recycling business. Makeup consumers can now drop off empty makeup products from any brand at the recycling bins. The used items will be collected, sorted, cleaned and recycled into plastic pellets, which can be used to make other products, such as outdoor furniture. Vismay Sharma, country managing director of L’Oréal UK & Ireland, said, “Make-up wearers have told us they want to recycle their finished products but they didn’t know if make-up recycling was even possible. We’re now making it very easy with the launch of Maybelline makeup recycling stations, found in over 1000 convenient locations across the country and accepting any makeup brand.” Terracycle primarily runs a volunteer-based recycling platform to collect non-recyclable pre-consumer and post-consumer waste and then partners with corporate donors or municipalities to turn it into raw material to be used in new products.

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