in-cosmetics Asia 2023      Best Ingredient Awards 

The glittering lights of recognition shone on Immunight and Emulium Dermolea MB as they clinched prestigious gold awards at in-cosmetics Asia, held in Bangkok, from November 7 to 9 at BITEC venue. Developed by industry leaders Lucas Meyer Cosmetics and Gattefossé, respectively these groundbreaking ingredients have set a new standard for excellence in the ever-evolving world of skincare ingredients.

Immunight, a revolutionary green-processed, oil-soluble lavandin extract, took center stage by securing the gold in the Innovation Zone Best Active Ingredient category. This dynamic ingredient is not just a beauty sleep booster; it’s a holistic solution designed to counteract the adverse effects of poor-quality sleep on the skin. By enhancing nighttime skin recovery and targeting the improvement of sleep quality through the inhalation of olfactory compounds, Immunight is a game-changer in the pursuit of radiant and rejuvenated skin.

Meanwhile, Emulium Dermolea MB by Gattefossé emerged victorious in the Innovation Zone Best Functional Ingredient category. This plant-based oil-in-water emulsifier boasts a unique lipidic composition enriched with sterols and triterpenes, offering a groundbreaking approach to reducing skin stress and providing long-term soothing effects. Its recognition as the top functional ingredient underscores the industry’s growing emphasis on skincare solutions that go beyond surface-level improvements, addressing fundamental concerns.

The silver spotlight in the active ingredient segment fell on Codif, credited for their exceptional anti-ageing epidermal ingredient, Regetaste. This innovative formula not only enhances skin texture and brightness but represents a significant stride in defying the effects of aging on the skin.

Rahn secured the bronze in this category with Perfeline, a marvel designed to fortify the micro-vessels in human skin. This recognition highlights the industry’s commitment to developing ingredients that not only enhance aesthetics but also promote skin health from within.

In the functional ingredients arena, IOI Oleo claimed the silver with Softisan MagicPowder S. This water-resistant and water-binding vegan film-former doesn’t just provide a barrier-protecting effect; it represents a sustainable and ethical approach to formulating products.

Elementis took home the bronze for Bentone Plus Glow, a fusion of natural ingredients that not only imparts rheological control and suspension to the oil phase of cosmetics and skincare products but also actively promotes the skin’s barrier function.

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