Naturals Salon Taps Cricket Star Smriti Mandhana as Brand Ambassador

Naturals Salon Taps Cricket Star Smriti Mandhana as Brand Ambassador

Groom India, owners of Naturals Salon, have revealed that cricket sensation Ms. Smriti Mandhana will serve as the brand ambassador for their upcoming direct-to-consumer (D2C) skin care product segment set to debut in May 2024. This marks Naturals’ entry into the direct consumer product market, signaling a significant milestone for the brand.

By partnering with Smriti Mandhana, known for her determination and authenticity, Naturals reaffirms its commitment to diversity and individuality.

CK Kumaravel, Co-Founder and CEO of Naturals Salon, expressed excitement about the venture into skin care products, emphasizing its importance in the brand’s growth strategy. Mrs. Veena Kumaravel, Co-Founder of Naturals Salons, echoed this sentiment, stating that Mandhana’s journey resonates deeply with Naturals’ values of self-belief and perseverance. Smriti Mandhana expressed her honor in joining Naturals, a brand that shares her passion for empowerment and diversity. As the face of Naturals’ transformative journey into D2C, Mandhana aims to inspire individuals to embrace their natural beauty confidently.

Groom India’s expansion into the direct-to-consumer space aims to offer consumers a personalized beauty experience with premium products tailored to their needs. With Smriti Mandhana leading the way, Naturals seeks to redefine beauty standards and empower individuals to express themselves boldly

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