Oral – B Guide ushers Alexa to bathrooms

Oral-B has introduced the first electric toothbrush that features the voice integration of Amazon’s Alexa, so it can accommodate song requests or deliver a newscast while you brush. The new Oral-B Guide is “designed to bring a bit of fun to consumers’ bathroom routines,” the base of the toothbrush recharger also keeps track of how long you brush per session, with a lighting display that prompts you to move on to a new area of your mouth at 30-second intervals, and tells if you’re brushing too hard. Users can set the brush to six cleaning modes for personalized brushing: daily clean, whitening, pro-clean, sensitive, gum care, and tongue cleaning. With its smart capabilities, the Guide keeps a record of your brushing and then offers personalized tips through an app from Oral-B.

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