Gillette brings first heated razor to market

In its continuing history of firsts, Gillette has added its newest offering – The Heated Razor. The high-tech shaving device delivers a sustained heat sensation via an innovative warming bar, providing the pleasures of a hot towel shave experience with every stroke. This product seems to be a product for the times as it’s innovative technology gives you a professional barber shop experience at home.  Following the success of the initial trial which saw the Heated Razor sell out in less than a week on crowd funding website Indigogo and win the “People’s Choice Award” at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019, the innovative razor will now launch in other countries. In UK, Gillette, the brand that pioneered the world’s first safety razor over 115 years ago has partnered with retail specialist Smartech Selfridges, to bring technology to life through first class in-store experience. This signifies the growing importance of providing consumers with the most enhanced and intuitive products within all aspects of their lives.


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